Yellow Ingredients:

  • Mango
  • Pinneapple
  • Banana

Yellow fruits are full of magnesium, which works within our cells — the powerhouses, factories and regulators of the body’s systems.

Because it's a necessary part of hundreds of biochemical reactions occurring constantly inside our cells, magnesium’s presence or absence affects the brain, the muscles, and the heart and blood vessels. Magnesium functions as a regulator of electrolyte balance, metabolism, and other biochemical reactions.

Magnesium must be continually supplied to the body as it is needed on an ongoing daily basis. Magnesium turnover tends to contribute to unhealthy bone loss and the release of calcium from the bone into the blood stream. Yellow smoothies replenish the magnesium stores in your system, keeping your bodies in balance!

Benefits of Magnesium:

💛  Is an important factor in muscle relaxation and heart health

💛  Allows nerves to send messages in the brain and nervous system

💛  Aids and regulates the body’s use of calcium and other minerals

💛  Assists in bone and teeth formation

💛  Regulates the metabolism of nutrients such as protein, nucleic acids, fats and carbohydrates

💛  Regulates cholesterol production and helps modulate insulin sensitivity

💛  Assists in energy production, DNA transcription and protein synthesis.

💛  Maintains the structural health of cell membranes throughout the body

💛  Healthy magnesium levels have been linked to lowered blood pressure, reduced incidence of type II diabetes, emergency migraine treatment, reduced symptoms of asthma, and improved memory.